180 - 1986

I remember being so impressed  with the speech in this game and the animated hand. Cool!

Action Biker - 1985

Wow, the hours I put into this game, completed it, quite a challenge. I couldn't get enough of the games soundtrack. Super chilled.

Alien Syndrome - 1988

I played this in the arcades, so was very impressed to be able to kill those cheesy wotsits at home.

AlleyKat - 1986

Damn, the speed this game used to scroll, would have my head/room spinning, I was never any good at this game.

Armalyte - 1988

One of my absolute favourite C64 games. Played this a lot, was amazed by the little animated walkers.

Barbarian - 1987

Oh the joy of finally getting to chop the other players head off. 

Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing - 1985

Mostly remember the number of offers I got for this down at my local computer club. After buying this day one. The boxing was fun and challenging though.

Beach Head 2 - 1985

I loved how the screen filled up with the traces of your bullets. The amazing little animations and voice samples. Blew me away. "Follow me men", "medic", "Im hit". "hey don't shoot me".

Bionic Commando - 1987

Another arcade favourite I got to play at home. Really enjoyed all the great level music.

Boulder Dash - 1984

Addictive little game, had many hours of fun with this one. 

Breakdance - 1984

I'm sure there was a  movie released in the same year that got me playing this game. Fun little dance sequence remembering game. 

Bruce Lee - 1984

Its bruce lee, what more can I say. Loved kicking the big green guy in this one. never gets boring. very challenging multi screen game. 

Bubble Bobble - 1987

Another C64 favourite. The hours me and my mate would play this game. A bottle of Ribena and a packet of Hobnobs and off we'd go, level after level all day.

Buggy Boy - 1987

Another pretty good conversion of an arcade game I used to play.

California Games - 1987

OMG! the competitive nature of this game. Had two of my mates playing for two full days solid, no joke.

Chiller - 1984

I'm pretty sure I used to play this game, because of the Michael jackson thriller soundtrack. which was removed at some point. If I remember this right. Hard game thou.

Commando - 1985

A great arcade conversion, with great level music. I used to have a friend be the grenader, as you had to press the spacebar. He must have been good at it, as he went on to join the army. I trained him well.

Daley Thompson's Decathlon - 1984

Probably played this due to the popularity of Daley Thompson at the time.  I'm sure this game had the killer 1500m run. absolute torture!

Death Wish 3 - 1987

Another game probably played because the of the earlier shown Death wish movies. My friend loved this for the gore I think. OMG! the mangled bodies.

Delta - 1987

I'm a big fan of shoot em ups. And I loved this one, oh boy was it tough. 

Fight Night - 1985

I think it's the big well animated characters that drew me into playing this one.  

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - 1985

Why I enjoyed this crazy game, I'll never know. I think it may have been the mystery and the variety of the many mini games

Gauntlet - 1986

Another chance to play an arcade favourite at home again. Yes please!

Ghostbusters - 1984

A love of the movie got me playing this one. With great music, I loved the bouncing ball in time with the lyrics intro, and again the amazing speech. "He slimed me!"

Ghosts 'n Goblins - 1986

Another great arcade conversion, and another favourite of mine.  Played this a lot down at the arcades.

The Great Giana Sisters - 1987

Shhhh! Mario on the C64, who wouldn't have played this one. While you could anyway.

Gribbly's Day Out - 1986

Fun but tricky little game I loved to play.

Hawkeye - 1988

Stunning what can I say, absolutely loved this game, the graphics, the music, especially the amazing between level tune. "Da daa da, da daa da, da daa da, da diddly doo". 

Hummdinger - 1988

A pretty repetitive shooter. But I remember just sitting one afternoon and playing through all the levels, going up the ratings to Hummdinger.

Hunchback - 1983

An old classic arcade game I could play at home. That'll do me just fine.

Hyper Sports - 1985

A particular favourite to me and my friends. The hours of challenging each other on this game. I wouldn't like to imagine.   

I, Ball - 1987

It's amazing how many games I was just drawn too by the digitised voices. I was a sucker for it.

Impossible Mission - 1984

See, the digitised voices again. But what an incredibly challenging game. "Another visitor, stay a while, stay forever!"

International Karate+ 1987

The Second outing of this great little fighting game, really mixed it up with the addition of the second opponent. I really loved the bonus ball deflecting mini game. Hypnotic!

The Island of Dr Destructo - 1987

Happy memories of me and my uncle taking it in turns playing this one.

Kane - 1985

The impressive animated sprites made this one great. And I loved the digitised bird squawk, does it sound familiar?

Karateka - 1985

Again the beautiful rotoscoped animated characters and the dramatic feel made this game great.

Kettle - 1986

A Quirky little game I enjoy playing. It must have been the groovy rendition of polly put the kettle on, that drew me in.

Kikstart 2 - 1987

Another fav game amongst my friends, many challenging hours would ensue. 

Kokotoni Wilf - 1984

Yet another quirky game I remember putting a good few hours into. 

The Last Ninja - 1987

Wow, what can I say, stunning music, very challenging gameplay. Perfect combination.

The Last V8 - 1985

Impressed with the opening speech, "V8 return to base immediately". Yeah right, don't think I ever got anywhere near the base.

Led Storm - 1988

I remember this from the arcades, but didn't actually play in then. So finally got to check it out at home. Loved it most for the opening rock riff. "do do dooo do do da dooo"

Mega Apocalypse - 1987

Here I go again, the digitised speech man. Don't think I ever managed to handle those crazy comets thou.

Metro Cross - 1986

Another of my arcade favourites here. As well as play, I used to watch a fellow arcader, who was a master at this game. I never got to his level of skill.

Monty on the Run - 1985

Another incredible music track, and a fun platforming game to boot.

Orc Attack - 1984

A fun little game on C64, it must be fun as I came home once and caught my mum playing. And she doesn't game. Well not back then anyway. Now she likes to CRUSH games.

Paradroid - 1985

What a beautifully presented game.  And a great challenge. That robot override mini game, did my head in.

Platoon - 1987

Another of those movie influenced games. Arggh! those mazes.

Potty Pigeon - 1984

A cute game of pick up sticks. Passed a few hours way back when.

Rambo: First Blood Part 2 - 1986

A great movie tie-in, I loved the music, and the little enemy death animations.

Rimrunner - 1988

It's amazing how addictive a game can become. Just by adding a cute digitised whistle. Well it worked for me.

Rock 'n Wrestle - 1985

Had hours of fun with this quirky little wrestling game. Beating a friend was always good for a laugh.

Salamander - 1988

Another great conversion of an arcade shooter I used to love playing. 

Scarabaeus - 1985

I remember this game being quite scary, if you turned the music off, the combination of the breathing and heartbeat would set your nerves on edge. 

The Sentinel - 1986

What a wonderful technical achievement this game was. Completely mesmerised by this game. 

Slap Fight - 1987

Absolutely loved this shooter. Many hours wasted on this game. Simple but effective gameplay.

Slimey's Mine - 1988

Another, the speech got me game. The gulp sound and especially the "Got him", sound sample. Doesn't take much to excite me, lol.

Spy vs Spy - 1984

Loved playing this devious little  spy game. Especially fighting it out against a friend to capture their collected items, then making a quick getaway.

Summer Games 2 - 1985

Another great competitive experience. All the series, Summer I, Summer II, Winter, World and California games were great.

Uridium - 1986

Such a fast paced shooter. Really enjoyed this game.

The Way of the Exploding Fist - 1985

My first experience of this style of one on one fighting game. I remember playing this in Boots the department store. Before saving up to play at home. 

Wizball - 1987

This game was great, once you got past the rather annoying first stage of movement, the rotating bouncing from hell bit. And I loved the game over guitar riff.

World Class Leaderboard - 1987

Brilliant early golf game. I remember my uncle getting hooked on this. "Four", he was never any good.