It's you vs the Birds, how are you going to use your skills to deal with this. The Birds have you heavily out numbered, but luckily a not so close, close friend, has agreed to lend you a rocket ship. Hurry, get there and show those annoying pesky little flying vermin. Who's Boss!


An 80's style arcade shooter. This is a love letter to the C64 and to arcade shooters like Phoenix, Galaxians, Galaga, Space Invaders. Shoot down the enemy, through 10 levels, thrive to get a high score, enter your name, then challenge family and friends to beat your score. 



Keyboard Controls:

  • Left arrow key - Move left.
  • Right arrow key - Move right.
  • Z Key - Shoot.
  • X Key - Shield.


  • JOY Left - Move left.
  • JOY Right - Move right.
  • JOY1 - Shoot.
  • JOY2 - Shield.


Change Keyboard Controls

Shoot game controls birds, 4 birds on the left of the options screen, then shoot to select another key.

Ship Dash Delay

Shooting the dash delay bird will cycle through delay time, 1 - 30. The lower the number the quicker you have to tap the key/controller in the same direction to dash.

Ship Movement Speed

Shooting the movement speed bird, will change how fast the ship move's around the screen from 0.75 - 2.00. That's 3/4 speed to double speed, in increments of 1/4(0.25) speed.

Change Dialect

Change the games dialect from Yorkshire to English and vice versa.

Reset High Scores

Shoot this bird to reset the high scores, you will be prompted Yes/No to reset.

Change Border Colour

Shoot this bird to change the games border colour 1 - 15. 

Change Screen Colour

Shoot this bird to change the games screen colour 1 - 15. 

Change Screen Edge

Shooting this bird will change the game between stopping or wrapping around the screen when getting to the edge of the screen.

Play New Defaults

Shooting this bird will allow you to play the game with the new settings of (Dash delay : Ship Speed : Screen Edge) and this allows high scores to be entered to the high score table.

Set Game Defaults

Shooting this bird will set the options (Dash delay : Ship Speed : Screen Edge) to game defaults. Which are needed to allow high scores to be entered to the high score table.


Changing (Dash delay : Ship Speed : Screen Edge) will stop you from getting a high score entry. Remember to shoot the Play New Defaults to allow you to get a high score with the changed settings if that's what you want.


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